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Friday, August 26, 2005

The News Media and Pat Robertson

I suppose I will never truly understand why the news media continue to give credence and legitimacy to the kooky things that Pat Robertson (PR) says. I am referring specifically to Mr Robertson's statement that the U.S.A. should assassinate President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. I am especially puzzled since PR doesn't hold an elected office and really has no influence over the USA's foreign policy as an elected official, that is; even though I recognize he is a close friend of President Bush-supposedly. And I realize he would like to have been president of this country. But since his bid for the presidency failed miserably, I cannot-for godsake-comprehend why the news media find it necessary to bore the public with his rediculous antics; especially when our enemies will use his remarks against the USA. I guess reporting on his crazy commentaries is found to be suitable for an amusement, or simply it makes good copy for competitive reasons. You've read what the "something I have to say-world" has stated on this matter. So, I am curious as to what others think about this issue as well. So please feel free to post your comments, pro or con., All are welcomed. Bring it on! Yours Truly, CAVITEMYR-WORLD. CHOA!


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